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However, three real-estate agents questioned whether the city should be “in the real-estate business.” Agent Grady Guntharp said government involvement in development sounds more like Cuba or Russia. “We the citizens are supposed to be the ones who run government,” he said, complaining that government has discouraged business. Century 21’s Darrell Allen complained his company lost a listing on the river several years ago when the Industrial Development Board collected property to create the Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park.

Steve Dean, president of the Morgan County Association of Realtors Inc., gave commissioners copies of a resolution with concerns — whether the government should become real estate developers, whether projects would have proper oversight and accountability, whether any mechanism could ensure property would not be sold or leased “based on favoritism or politics,” whether property would be marketed at reduced value and deflate the value of other property, Tax Depreciation Schedule Sydney and whether government has the time and experience to engage in large-scale development in competition “and whether this erodes the principles of free enterprise, which has for so long been the basis and foundation of our economy.”

Dean said Realtors understand the city’s need for confidentiality, and they believe in development. We’re all used to dealing with government in its traditional role of industrial and economic development, and the powers they’ve all had for years. All of a sudden we’re looking at changing the constitution. What powers are vested in who and for how long? When you talk about giving any government entity a lot more power, it makes you worry.

Whether it’s time to move on or not becomes one’s own point of view. David Wiley, president of Wiley Outdoor Sports, said he supports the development. In fact, he said he wants to open another store there next door to the giant Cabela’s sporting good store reported to be one of the anchor stores. But he said he wants the same incentives Decatur plans to offer Cabela’s, and he invited Fowler to his store Monday afternoon to outline his concerns.